Malala And The Breaker Boys Analysis

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Some of the circumstances that a multitude of diverse individuals face in life can be unfortunate. This is much truer for some than it is for others. It is easy to see when looking back in history or to a foreign country how different some lives can be from our own. Malala is a young woman who put herself in peril to speak up for other young women and their right to an education. The breaker boys are young men and children who spent hours working in the coal mines back in the early 1900’s. Malala and the breaker boys are two prime examples of extremely different circumstances that very diverse children faced while still having common ground because of the corruption and oppression they endured. Some connections can be made between these …show more content…
Luckily, Malala lives in today’s times so she has far more advanced technology at her disposal than they did in the early 1900’s. It is likely that the breaker boys were put into their unfortunate circumstance for so long without anyone fighting against it because they did not have the technology to properly inform people of the true dangers they were putting the children in. Malala however does have access to technology and is able to spread her message and experience far outside of Pakistan and the Middle East entirely. The technology aspect of life today resulted in her being able to escape her fate as an oppressed woman in the Middle East, get the medical attention to keep her alive after being shot, and live on to spread her message further. If she were not from a time with the technology we have she may very well have never gotten out of her unfortunate destiny. Unfortunately, the breaker boys did not have this advantage. They lived in a time where adults did not understand that children needed to be treated very differently than adults. There were no proper child labor laws put into place and the companies were not against having these children put into these situations to work for them. These children were absolutely given very different opportunities due to their time period in

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