Maladaptive Behavior Case Study

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Begin with a 1-paragraph opening statement of your philosophy for meeting a student 's individual needs.
In order to prevent maladaptive behavior, a consistent behavior plan should be implemented for Hayden at school and home in order to ensure consistency. After observing Hayden’s behavior, I recommend that caregivers and parents continue to monitor and collect data on a weekly basis in order to make any adjustments necessary to Hayden’s behavior plan. A behavior consultant will monitor Hayden’s behavior at school as well as at home until a time in which he shows a reduction in behaviors. Monthly visits from the behavior consultant will continue the behaviors of (kicking, screaming, throwing of objects, hitting, pushing, etc.) are eliminated
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Hayden will receive a sticker daily for exhibiting appropriate behavior which be placed on his behavior chart, once Hayden as received fice stickers, he will receive an reward (e.g. trip to the treasure box, food or drink) and a special treat at home. Specific rewards for Hayden’s behavior will be written by Hayden’s parents and caregivers in order to make very clear what is expected of him in order to reieve his rewards.
State consequences. A sample behavior contract is given.
1. When throwing objects and hitting occurs, first secure the area to ensure safety of children in t the immediate area (e.g., remove children and objects that may hurt Hayden). Step back and avoid eye contact. Watch Hayden to ensure he does not hurt himself and avoid eye contact.
a. Once the aggressive behavior has stopped, wait fifteen seconds, return eye contact, and ask Hayden to “Use your words to tell me what is wrong.” If possible, honor his request; if it is not possible offer him an alternative. Praise him for talking in a quiet voice to tell you what he wanted or what was wrong. Remind him of the reward in which he is working for and what he must do to receive the reward (e.g., not hitting or
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Third offense will result in a loss of privileges, immediate evaluation of behavior plan, documentation of inappropriate behavior on behavior chart, meeting with parents and support personal do discuss alternate options, and 3 days suspension.
4. Forth offense will result in immediate removal from the classroom, up to 10 days suspension, referral to school psychologist, evaluation of IEP with support personal and parents in an attempt to consider a change of placement.
The U.S. Supreme Court ruled in Honig v. doe, that IDEA prohibits states as well as local authorities from removing children with disabilities from the classroom for displaying disruptive, aggressive or dangerous behaviors as a result of their disability. However, schools may suspend a student with a disability for up to 10 days, in which support staff will review the students current IEP, attempt to persuade parents to accept a alternative or temporary placement in a safe restricted environment, or appeal to the courts to have the students removed from the school due to dangerous behavior. A student with a disability cannot be suspended for more than 10 consecutive days; otherwise it is considered a change in placement, which cannot occur unless a decision is made in regards to the student’s behavior being a result of his or her disability (ADHD and LD Support,

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