Making Peace With Autism By Susan Senator Essay examples

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Summary and Evaluation The book, Making Peace with Autism written by Susan Senator, is a memoir about how her family dealt and grew with a child who has autism. Her first child, Nat, has autism. The chapters consist of questioning, how they knew, his various school programs, life with his other two siblings, and how the family all worked together. It shows the positives and negatives of having a child who has autism. It shows when she had support, and when she didn’t. All in all, this story is compelling, and it is real. I personally really enjoyed this book. I learned a lot from it. I think many people tend to only see disabilities in the light. This book truly showed the struggles and negatives of having a child with Autism. It also shows how she dealt with it, and how her family grew. It also showed outside perspectives such as other family members, friends, and neighbors. Many people had made cruel comments to her and about her parenting. I think this helped showed me, and to the audience, that you should not judge how someone handles the child when you do not know their situation. She had to assist and help Nat a certain way that worked for him. The main point I think the author was trying to get across to her readers, is that you have to do what is best for your child. Many times throughout this novel, I came across something that had surprised me. For example, in this quote, “Dr. E told us he suspected something called PDD, pervasive developmental disorder, which,…

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