Making Of A Spy Essay

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The Making of a Spy

Growing up in a small, remote town may seem boring to many people, but to me it was a treat. By the age of four I was living in Frazeysburg, Ohio, a small place out in the country. I lived on six acres of land, surrounded by tall pine and oak trees. Unlike where I live now, my old home was secluded from places such as the mall, movie theatres and parks. I had the luxury of creating my own fun through indulging in horror movies and crime shows, adventuring outside, and allowing my imagination to run wild. As a child I had an insatiable love for horror movies. Jason Vorhees, Freddy Kruger, Leatherface, Scream and Jack Torrance were just a few of my childhood loves. Around the age of seven I began to watch these movies,
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One of our personal favorites was Law & Order: SVU. There would be days where it would be far too warm outside to play, so we would plop down on our white and pink striped couch, sip on iced tea and watch as Olivia and Stabler busted criminals. After we had completed most of this show, we graduated over to Breaking Bad, a show about a man named Walter, who ran a very large meth ring. Hank, Walter’s brother-in-law, was head of the DEA, and fought tooth and nail to discover who was making and distributing the drugs. As a child, I had already known about the horrors of drugs, due to a family member of mine overdosing. However, Hank showed me that with intense dedication and critical thinking skills, criminals and drug trades can be put to an …show more content…
During my youth, I would climb onto my shed, a batman laptop tucked into my black “spy” bag, and pretend to be a secret agent. I would receive “emails” from my sergeant, telling me what missions to take on next. I then would slide down the side of the shed and climb up different trees, scoping out my property for any possible villains. After this I would change into my spy suit (a black pair of sweatpants, black long sleeved shirt and black shoes) and run deep into the forest, rolling around in dirt, bushes and, on the occasion, poison ivy. There were days where I was not alone on my missions. My childhood best friend, Trysta, often came over during the week and joined me on my tasks. Although her allergies were vicious, she toughed it out and searched for the enemies with

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