Essay on Making College Worth It : A Review

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Motivated by the President Barrack Obama, the attention on the problem of whether postsecondary education is worth or not is rising than ever before. The article – “Making College Worth It: A Review of the Returns to Higher Education”, written by Philip Oreopoulos and Uros Petronijevic, focuses on this concern and trying to explore the complexity behind varying cost-benefit relationships of the optimal decision that prospective students or their families should invest in college or not.
The article starts its illustration with the factors which cause the complexity. Such may include financial constraint, which is definitely a common problem hinders individuals from college. And even without financial problems, interventions including information asymmetric and behavioral idiosyncrasies, may cause students not to make optimal decisions of attending college. So that prospective students need to be highly informed to carefully follow the rational investment model. Other factors such as majors to follow, the eventual occupation, the likelihood of completion should also be taken into account.
After illustrating the situation before individuals make their decisions, the article also explores what happened when they graduate. College premium is the key standard authors use in the article, which represents the differences in earnings between college and high-school graduates. Various empirical evidence shows that there is no doubt that the earnings of those who attend college are…

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