Making Better Choices By Dwight Haynes Essay example

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RESPONSE PAPER In Dwight Haynes essay, “Making Better Choices, Two Approaches to Reducing College Drinking”, the author point out the significant consequences and effects that heavy drinking has on college students. The effects can change ones’ behavior, leading to life altering consequences such as, involvement in criminal activity, injuries, and in some cases, death. Heavy drinking among college students has risen significantly within the past couple of decades, raising concern among many college officials. Due to this concern, colleges have begun to implement two different forms of strategy, aimed at curbing heavy alcohol consumption among college students. The first strategy touched upon is to divert students away from heavy drinking of alcoholic beverages. This strategy is “Social norm marketing” (Hayes, 1). The second strategy the author mentions is the “Environmental strategy (Hayes, 1). Implementing both strategies in order to reduce the severity and number of negative effects from heavy alcohol drinking, each one works against alcohol abuse in college students in various ways.. The author describes, “Social norm marketing”, (Hayes, 1), as an approach that counteracts the glorification of the culture of heavy alcohol consumption. It raises awareness among students, through promotional marketing techniques and the effects drinking can have on ones’ behavior, conduct, and the consequences of their behavior when drinking. Their purpose is to persuade students…

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