Making A Single Parent Household Essay

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Growing up in a single parent household existing as the only child is very bittersweet. Although you are brought up independent, you still carry some dependent variables. You do not have to share all of your belongings, nor does your parent forces you to play with an annoying, stubborn sibling that only wants to fiddle with your most valuable possessions. All the money that 's left over from important household items is all for you and you only. Convincing your parents to get what you want and when you want it seems easier than convincing a cop theirs a freshly made box of glazed donuts waiting for him on his office desk.

Every holiday I would receive many Christmas gifts from different family members, including toys, gift cards, and cash money. Everyone loved to play with me and didn 't mind buying me gifts because I never asked for anything. I didn 't mind sharing my toys because I knew that when the time came for everyone to part their ways to leave for home, the toys would be all mine again. I would never have to spend my money unless my mother was not around to pay for what I wanted, which was every so often. There were a few occasions where I had to spend my money, but that was only when I lingered with some friends and yearned for something extra.

My mother would always let me collect all of my funds and put it in my piggy bank for rainy days, or from what I was told "when I turn 18". Even though my mother could not afford to buy every single gadget or new game…

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