Making A Difference Through Donation Essay

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Making a Difference Through Donation If one organ or tissue donor can save multiple lives, why are there not more people registered to donate? The need for organs and tissue is much greater than the number of available donors. For this reason, many individuals waiting for transplants never get a second chance at life. Organ donation is a charitable act that is free of charge, yet few people are registered as donors. Barriers such as lack of knowledge, myths and fear play a large role in donor registration. While losing a loved one is never easy, family members of donors often feel a sense of peace and closure knowing they are saving and improving lives through the gift of donation.
The demand for organ donors increases dramatically each year. In the United States, 124,000 individuals are currently in need of an organ or tissue transplant. Of those 124,000 people, about 77,000 are multicultural patients and around 2,000 are pediatric patients (Donate Life Staff “Organ Donation” 2). Every year, 6,500 people die waiting for a transplant; that accounts for about 21 deaths everyday. Every 12 minutes another person is added to the waiting list (Edens 5) . Although not all on the waiting list wait the same amount of time. Age, blood type, and gender are some of the factors involved in determining time-to-transplantation. Some of the most commonly donated organs include: the kidney, liver and heart (WebMD Staff “Organ Donation and Transplant” 1) . Most organ transplantations…

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