Making A Decision For Most People Essay

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For most people making a decision can be very stressful and they find themselves overwhelmed and stressed out throughout their decision process. Making a decision for most people can be a long and overthought process, filled with indecisiveness. In the book Decisive: How to Make Better Choices in Life and Work by Chip and Dan Heath, teaches you how to make decisions that you can live with and the current mistakes that we make today in our current decision process, which they call the villains throughout the book. This book gave a lot of good scenarios, to help you understand each of the decision making process.
Book Analysis
One of the main questions that I thought was for informative was; how can we stop the cycle of agonizing over our decisions? In this book they talk about a method called the “WRAP” of better decision making; which is a process that consist of four steps to help you improve on your decision making skills. The word “WRAP” consist of the first letter in each step which is: Widen your options, Reality-test your assumptions, Attain some distance before deciding, and Prepare to be wrong. The book also talks about the villains that stand in your way when it comes to you making a decision (Heath & Heath, 2013).
The first process in decision making is to widen your options and look for a wider range of options and possibilities; you could even ask yourself what advice you would give a friend if they were to ask you what they should do. The…

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