Making A Contribution Of Society Essay

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Making a contribution to society is not necessarily a huge thing. Making a contribution to a community can be anything, smiling at a stranger, giving a generous tip, or in my mother 's case raising four kids, two of which she raised on her own. Any woman can give birth but it takes a real and strong woman to be a real mother. Our family plays a large role in who we are today, and how we will be in the future. Jamie McGuire said, "A mother 's love is everything... It is what brings a child into this world. It is what molds their entire being." The biggest influences come from our families and my mother is mine, she may not have changed Texas but she has changed me. Christina Villegas is a friend to few, a mother to even fewer, and a hero to only one. Christina Villegas is strong, loving, and she has never been given the recognition she deserves, until now.
Christina was born into a family of four, five including herself, but she 'd always been the odd ball. The youngest girl, she was the black sheep and she didn 't try to hide it. Christina 's child hood was for the most part great, until she got into her teen years. Christina Villegas said, "When I was sixteen I was in an abusive relationship, not only was he abusive physically but he also got me pregnant." Pregnant and in an extremely toxic relationship as a freshman in high school, Christina faced the ridicule of small town people and small minded high school kids. Christina never gave up once, she had her baby but…

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