Makeup Products And Its Effects Essay

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Makeup is something women (and some men) use almost every day. We question which colors go with our outfits and whether our eyeliner is symmetrical without ever asking the biggest question of all—what’s in this stuff? Unless we have sensitive skin, we hardly ever bother to look at the labels of the makeup products we buy, and if we do have sensitive skin, we just gloss over the label looking to see if the irritant to our skin is in the product. But makeup is an art, just like painting and dying, and the chemicals used definitely should be looked at in the same manner. Because there are such a wide range of cosmetic products, it will be much easier to focus on one type of product, and for this, we will focus on eyeshadow in particular. In ancient Greece, women created and wore eyeshadow from lapis lazuli and malachite, and from there it spread around the world and through history. For this examination though, we stick to something I have in my own makeup, and look at NYX brand eyeshadow.
From WebMD, I found that most eyeshadows start with a base filler, binder, pigment, and slip. “Eye shadow formulations start with a base filler. Cosmetics chemist Jane Hollenberg says cosmetic-grade talc or mica is a primary filler ingredient. But some formulas use kaolin clay. Binders are used to ensure the powder adheres to your skin. The most common binders are derivatives of zinc or magnesium. In addition to pigment, some manufacturers add silica, nylon, dimethicone, boron nitride (a…

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