Makeup Is Not For Every Person Essay

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Imagine any movie. Now think about the characters in that movie. What do they look like? Are they old, is there a monster in this movie, or do they just look generally normal? No matter what kind of character they are, makeup is used to achieve their total look. No one thinks about the work behind what they see on the big screen or the artist that does it, but makeup is necessary for every person seen in the film. There are many different kinds of makeups, but they can be generalized into the categories of basic or corrective makeup and character/special effects makeup. Makeup is critical to the film industry because it shows not only the actors appearance, but also helps to portray aspects of their lives and the setting they are in. The many different kinds of makeup are necessary to enhance films and help the viewer to fully understand what they are watching.
The Cambridge International Dictionary describes makeup as a “coloured substance used on the face to improve or change one 's appearance”, but in film makeup applies to “all parts of the body not covered by costume” (Abuka and Odi). The most common types of makeup used in films are basic and corrective makeup. The process of filming makes flaws obvious because of the use of high definition cameras. Basic makeup is the bare minimum for films, for both men and women. It is
“designed to compensate for undesirable changes in appearance introduced by the TV process”
(“Makeup Techniques for Television and…

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