Essay on Make Up : Natural Beauty Look

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Make up:
Natural Beauty Look:
|Faria Nawrin Borshon
As we know February is the month of occasion. This month we have Falgun celebration, Valentine’s Day and our day of pride International Mother Language Day. In all festive we Bengali people like to go out, meet people, enjoy the day with significant places with significant programs. We celebrates each festive with our friends and family. From the early morning we start to become ready for the day. But the common confusion comes over the mind of every girl is what to wear and what type of makeup will goes with it? Please just read our fashion section to know about the latest collection and here giving a simple natural make up look for your convenient which will go with any types of dress, place and this spring season. As have to stay long at the outside that’s why I tried to keep it simple & natural as well. Just focused more on lips and eyes.
Here goes the detailing about the make-up. After the step please look forward to see the product list. So that you can know which product I have used.
1. First use a good moisturizer to moisturize your skin. I prefer Clinique one. It’s really good and perfectly moisturize your skin all day long.
2. Use a primer. You can use L’Oreal or the primer from flammer both are pretty good. Am using here Hard Candy Sheer Envy Primer.
3. Then pick a foundation depending on your skin color and type. L 'Oreal Pro Matte Infallible Foundation in Golden Beige & Revlon Color Stay Foundation in Fresh…

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