Make Children Healthy Using Oregano Oil Essay

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Make Children Healthy using Oregano Oil

Investigatory Project

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Aaliyah Maxine Rochelle Pangan
Grade 4 St. Catherine

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Ms. Casiñas

II. Rationale Your community is where you live in with your neighbors, so you got to keep it safe and healthy. By observing your community, you may get to know about it, get to know its problems and investigate the source of the problems. It is exciting to investigate because you can help your community to solve the problem.

The researcher observed that children don’t like to eat vegetables that much. This can cause problems in their nutrition. Even if they are young, their lives won’t last long because they lack vitamins and the proper diet to give them
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Crude oil originates from ancient fossilizedorganic materials, such as zooplankton and algae, which geochemical processes convert into oil.[8] The name "mineral oil" is a misnomer, in that minerals are not the source of the oil—ancient plants and animals are. Mineral oil is organic. However, it is classified as "mineral oil" instead of as "organic oil" because its organic origin is remote (and was unknown at the time of its discovery), and because it is obtained in the vicinity of rocks, underground traps, and sands. Mineral oil also refers to several specific distillates of crude oil.

Organic oils
Organic oils are produced in remarkable diversity by plants, animals, and other organisms through natural metabolic processes. Lipid is the scientific term for the fatty acids,steroids and similar chemicals often found in the oils produced by living things, while oil refers to an overall mixture of chemicals. Organic oils may also contain chemicals other than lipids, including proteins, waxes and alkaloids.
Oils are applied to hair to give it a lustrous look, to prevent tangles and roughness and to stabilize the hair to promote growth. See Hair conditioner.
Oil has been used

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