Essay on Major Work Analysis : Hamlet By William Shakespeare

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Major Work Analysis: Hamlet
Author, Title, Genre
Hamlet is a tragedy written by William Shakespeare.
Hamlet takes place in Denmark. In several acts, the characters are within the castle of Elsinore talking or plotting against each other. Some other minor places they were located at were Polonius’ house, the ship ports, and graveyard. This play was written in the early seventeenth century during the reign of Queen Elizabeth I. It reflects the uncertainties of the crown and how the power of the crown was going to be distributed.
He is the protagonist of the play. He is the son of King Hamlet and Queen Gertrude. His father, the former King, was killed and decides avenge him. He suspects that his uncle, Claudius, killed his father. Hamlet can be characterized as someone who does things on impulse rather than thinking about it first. He is very dramatic around certain people, confusing others around him. He is contemplative against women because of his mother’s recent marriage to his uncle, only a few months after his father’s death.
He becomes the King of Demark after supposedly killing King Hamlet. He is Hamlet’s uncle, but after the king’s death, marries Queen Gertrude. He is a selfish man who wants power and money. He speculates that Hamlet knows what he did and tries to manipulate others to get the truth out of him. He tries to be cautious making sure that he does not get caught or gets into trouble. He shows compassion and love toward…

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