Major Themes In Jeannette Walls's The Glass Castle

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After reading Jeannette Walls’s book The Glass Castle, I learned that there are many themes within the novel that could apply to other people’s lives. Some of the things that happened in Jeannette’s life was that she and her family kept moving around because her dad couldn’t keep a steady job, her father being an alcoholic, and many other things. I also learned that a few of those themes apply to my life or my past life. I can relate to Jeannette’s story because my dad is an alcoholic and I had to deal with and overcome after a certain amount of time.
When I was first placed in my father’s arms at the hospital, I had no idea of what to expect out of him while growing up. I was a happy and bubbly little girl throughout my childhood. I loved
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My mom moved out and went to live with my grandparents for a little bit, but eventually moved in with a friend. My sister and I stayed with my dad. He used his last paycheck for food and gas for his truck. But, at a certain point, he started selling his guns and other valuable things for money. He even borrowed money from my mom which he felt bad about. I even felt bad about it. My uncle sent money to us too. My dad wanted us to finish our school year there. He also looked for jobs too. He applied to several jobs, but never received a phone call from any of them. My sister and I got money from family members for Christmas and birthdays like normal. What made me mad one day was that my dad had asked for money from us. Of course I felt bad and decided to give him some money. But, I regret it because it’s not my responsibility to provide money for the family. I did plan on getting a job to at least try to help out because I didn’t want to leave the school I had been attending or the city I call home. That summer, I had to find out from my mom that my dad had decided to move to Colorado to live with my uncle and to find a job. So, I had to decide whether I wanted to live with my dad in Colorado or to live with my mom in Findlay. So, of course I decided to live in Findlay with my mom. I would be closer to my friends. They say that change is good and I believed that. But, I was also dreading to go to a new …show more content…
I think Jeanette’s quote from her book The Glass Castle “I wanted to let the world know that no one had a perfect life, that even people who seemed to have it all had their secrets,” best describes a person’s life. Well, it best describes every person’s life including mine. I thought my life was perfect from the start. Well, my meaning of the word “perfect.” But, things went way downhill later in life and it sucked. But, that’s just a part of life. Things may not be easy, but you just have to make the best of it. I believe that’s what Jeannette Walls and her siblings did, and I believe that I have and am currently doing the

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