Essay on Major Stressors, At Home And At Work And / Or School?

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What are your major stressors, at home and at work and/or school?

For me my major stressor at home is money. I make decent money and so far I have been blessed to be able to pay my bills. I recently bought a new car, I did need a new car but I stress about the payment each month. With the car payment my money is a little tighter and I stress that there will be a month with unexpected expenses and I will be unable to make my payment. I have a five year old son and I also take care of my mom, I stress that a time will come when I am unable to provide for them. My mom has a vehicle of her own and I stress about it breaking down and the money it would take to fix it. I also stress about wasting too much money, I am constantly buying my son toys he does not need. I hate to tell him no, and although I know I should, I want to be able buy him the things he wants. I think a lot of people stress about money though.
I also stress out about my son. I wonder if I’m being a good mom, or if I’m screwing him up. I always try my best but I stress that my best may not be enough. I work a lot and I’m rarely home when he is because of my schedule. I stress about the effect that has on him. I want to be a good mom but unfortunately there no manual on that. I stress that he’s missing out because I’m always working and his father is not a part of his life.
With school I stress about papers and quizzes/tests. I wonder if I did them right and if studied enough. I stress that I’ve forgotten a paper…

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