Major Social And Religious Changes Happen Because Of The Black Death

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Did Major Social/Religious Changes Happen Because of the Black Death? In the Later Middle Ages from 1300 to 1450 we see a plague spreading and killing in Europe, this plague would later be named the Black Death. Starting in China by 1331 and then spreading to Europe by cargo ships in 1347. During the Later Middle Ages the climate also changed dropping the temperature, killing crops and freezing water supplies. During this period there were also multiple crisis that began to pop up, and none but the rebellions of peasants were caused or influenced by the Black Death. Digging a little deeper it is seen that the peasants’ revolts were in fact influenced by the Black Death. In “A History of Western Society” it is made clear that people were weak and sickly even before the Black Death infected them. “People were already weakened by famine, standards of personal hygiene remained frightfully low, and the urban populace was crowded together. Fleas and body lice were universal affections.” (History, 326). When people are dying from starvation, sickness and the Black Death they tend to fight to remain alive. It is known that a number of peasants’ revolts took place and one of these is recorded by an unknown monk in 1381. The source document is called “The Anonimalle Chronicle: The English Peasants’ Revolt”. It delves into the issues around labor shortage because of sickness and the death toll from the plague across Europe. The peasants revolted against their lord…

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