Major Problems Within Campus Sexual Violence Essay

3026 Words Dec 9th, 2014 13 Pages
Natisha F. Melchor
Professor Jo Dulan
Women’s Studies 204
9, December 2014

Major Problems in Campus Sexual Violence
Campus Sexual Violence is a major problem in our Post-Secondary institutions (PSI), as a collective. However, if one were to view the data at each institution on an individual biases, one would find the ratio for which these crimes are reported, compared to student population is very low. I will theorize the major problems in regards to Campus Sexual Violence and its commonalities and difference across campuses. In addition, I will provide conjecture on the changes that may assist in reforming the policies that are currently in place.
In order to understand one must first conceptualize the idea of a college education. Studies show at lease have of American believe a post-secondary education is essential to being successful in this country. Although many Americans are able to sustain without a college education, studies show people with degrees have better job and career opportunities and their earning potential is substantially higher. With half of the country investing in a college education for themselves and their children, one can understand how it is prioritized in an American home. Children are groomed for college starting at the end of middle school through high school. A child’s grades and standardized test scores will determine the colleges and scholarships that will be offered. Some parents financially prepare for this life event very early in…

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