Major Laws Essay

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Major Labor Laws

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This paper describes provisions of major labor laws and their impact on the organizations and union management relationship. The major that have been discussed are The Railway Labor Act, The Norris-La Guardia Act, The Wagner Act, The Taft-Hartley Act and The Landrum-Griffin Act. The Unions Labors in the U.S. have been long struggled for gaining the strength as well as recognition. Many business managers have been viewed the unions as threat. After all, the major aim of the unions has to pressure the employers for raising the wages as well as improve the working conditions.


The labor unions have
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The RLA (Railway Labor Act) gives mandatory disputes resolutions procedure which preclude the strikes over the union representation as well as grievance disputes and post-pone the abilities of parties for taking actions in bargaining the disputes till they have been completed the elaborate, time consuming processes involving the negotiation, mediations by NMB, reviews by the PEB (Presidential Emergency Board) and cooling off periods (Kirkendall, 1968).

The Norris-La Guardia Act

Near close of the administration of Herbert Hoover, the Congress had passed Norris-La Guardia Act. Such law has been limited the uses of the court injunction in the labor disputes. As the part of the New Deal’s program, Roosevelt had signed in to the law two acts of the Congress which enabled the unions for growing in to the extremely large as well as powerful organizations.

Most vital impact of the Norris-La Guardia Act was anti-trust exemptions for the organized labor. Norris-La Guardia Act because of the explicit language just barred the injunctions and told nothing about the private treble damage suits or the criminal prosecutions. The Norris-La Guardia Act was specific as limitation on the injunctions against the violations of the

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