Major Impact Of Humanism

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Kendra Rivera
Professor Mulholland
Greek and Roman Humanities
December 3, 2014
Humanism was a concept that led to many impacts on other philosophy and philosophers ways of thinking. Humanism is known as a concept or philosophy that gave a major importance to the human being, rather then the supernatural, gods or the divine. Humanism focused completely on the welfare of humans and this introduced a complete different way of thinking to everyone because they were so use to focusing on others such as the gods and hierarchy that this gave people a different approach on how to live life. This philosophy was also known as the Renaissance Culture Movement that gave life back to the Roman and Greek thought. Some philosophers well known through this
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This philosophy gave humans much more importance then ever before. This has such a great impact when first introduced because this gave people a reason to think and make own decisions based off of their own likings rather then having to obey or like what the gods say or who ever is in power. Three main philosophers that were mentioned in this paper is Socrates, who was a Greek philosopher brought the idea of humanism through his teachings. Although, he was penalized for his corruption of Athens he did not back down. Instead, he showed humanism in a different perspective by not accepting any of the charges and standing for what he believed was right. Secondly, Plato he also was a Greek philosopher who established the University in Athens. This led to the creation of many “Human Activities”. He came up with The Theory of Forms, which allowed people to create their own idea of what is perfect in their mind and create a form. To conclude, Aristotle also known as a Greek philosopher was known as a very influential. Also, was known as a humanist. What was left of Aristotle’s writing is not very abundant but does show how he impacted religions through religious humanism. Aristotle was a philosopher who studied many different subjects at once and this in some ways distinguishes him from the other philosophers. All in all humanism has greatly influenced our lives, religions and beliefs but also the minds and thoughts of these influential men.

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