Major Events That Happened Between The Soviet Union And The United States

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Three major events that happened between the Soviet Union and the United States were motivated by a complicated relationship of moral, political, and economic factors, which led to changes between cautious cooperation and often vicious superpower rivalry in the years of 1945-1970. The huge differences in the political systems of the two countries often prevented them from reaching a mutual understanding on key policy issues and even, as in the case of the Cold War brought them close to a new World War.
The United States and Soviet leaders have never been the best of friends because of their opposing political views. Although World War II brought the two countries into alliance, based on the common aim of defeating Nazi Germany, the Soviet Union 's aggressive, antidemocratic policy toward Eastern Europe had created tensions even before the war ended. The first major event to cause friction between the United States and the Soviet Union was the Truman Doctrine and The Marshall Plan. The Truman Doctrine was the American policy in 1947 of providing economic and military aid to Greece and Turkey because they were threatened by communism. The Truman Doctrine was informally extended to become the basis of the Cold War policy of containment. The Marshall Plan was the Truman Administration 's plan to rebuild war damaged Europe in order to prevent the spread of communism, ease global trade and free markets, and reassure European peace. The main focus of these initiatives was to stop…

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