Essay on Major Events That Affect Society

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Pivotal Points

Events that have happened in the past, more often than not, explain numerous events that happen in the future. These events lead to many changes in times to come. People in society today spend lots of their time studying history in order to find out why things are the way that they are in today 's world, which explains why children are instructed to take some sort of history class throughout their educational development. Taking these classes can not only broaden a student 's range of knowledge in general, but it can explain why many things are the way that they are in today 's world. For example, learning about Thomas Edison, and how he invented the light bulb explains how we have some of the amazing technology that we have today. There is an endless list of people, places, and events that impacted society in the present that can be reflected upon and studied by a myriad of students in schools all around the world. By reading books, listening to teachers ' lectures, watching movies or documentaries, and many other elements play a role in helping students achieve this goal of gaining a better understanding of why things work and function the way that they do. PBS 's American Experience video on the Scottsboro Tragedy had a gigantic impact on American history for multiple reasons including several changes for equality within race.

The very first sign of change for American history that was portrayed through the American Experience video on the Scottsboro…

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