Major Contraries And Tensions In This Story Essay

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What are the major contraries or tensions in this story? The major conflicts or tensions in my story would be an old self versus a new self, type of conflict, where I begin to see myself differ from the type of person I was, I became restless and cranky since there was no power. Something I was used to when I lived in the Dominican Republic. Also, I could talk about how this event brought me and my sister together and remember me of when I was little and played games with my sister instead of watching TV or using my phone all the time. Another type of conflict I could go through in my essay is old values versus new values that threaten, challenge, or otherwise disrupt old values, where I would talk about how the disasters that came with hurricane Irma brought the neighborhood closer.
What events and scenes portraying these contraries might you include in your narrative? I could include the scene where I felt distraught when there
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I might arrange the scenes in my story in chronological order or I might begin my story in media res and give the background as the story unfolds. I am not sure yet, I would like to test my writing skills. What would be the climax, the pivotal moment of decision or insight? The pivotal point of decision or insight in the story would be when I feel conflicted by not being who I was anymore, by the feeling I need to choose who I want to be if I want to be my old self or a new person.
What resolution can you bring to the tensions and conflicts in your story? The resolution would be when I accept that I have changed and I am not the little girl who didn’t care when there was no power. But that doesn’t mean I have lost that little girl inside me as I there will still be moments where I would act like a little girl, carefree and happy. It is okay to feel conflicted about who you are as there will always be obstacles that will change your values and help you see life from a different

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