Major Causes Of Youth Labor Migration After Political Revolution

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The main purpose of this qualitative descriptive study is to carry out analysis of major causes of youth labor migration after political revolution in Nepal, and its relationship with political and ethnic conflict in recent years. This study proposes to conduct a six-month long qualitative research in Southern-Central districts (Parsa, Bara, Rautahat, and Sarlahi) of Nepal on the subject of youth migration and ethnic conflict, and how ethnic conflict plays role in this issue. Often time, policy makers tend to forget the local issues, and consequences, which may have higher impact in people 's life, and social development. This study will be conducted based on the ground reality, and people 's perceptions through semi-structured interview, and observation.
The case study will investigate the intent of the research question through individual experiences of the youth population of the region, who are likely to migrate or already migrated for their basic human needs. The ethnic conflict has basically impacted the Tarai region of Nepal, where higher population of youths have been migrated for many reasons. I would like to see the causes of youths ' migration based on their experiences, social, and political background. "The State of Nepal has failed to provide incentives and resources to people to stay in the country and lay a firm economic foundation" (Thieme, & Wyss, 2005, p. 63).
Research Question:
What are the major causes of youth labor (age of 18 to 40 year) migration in…

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