Major Causes Of College Dropout

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Causes of Dropping Out

In 2009, 33% of US students enrolled in college dropped out that year. Every year since then, the percent of drop outs keep rising. There are so many factors that play into the dropout of a college student. Some students simply have financial struggles and academic issues. While others have trouble balancing the amount of distractions in college. There are three major causes for young Americans to be dropping out of college.

To start off, many college students drop out of school because of financial struggles. A majority of students drop out because of the inability to find a balance between school and work. Many college dropouts are unable to attend school because they cannot support themselves while in college.
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Academic issues play a huge role in drop out statistics. Some students are forced out of school because of their poor performance grades. Students who repeatedly fail while retaking classes are eventually kicked out of school. Also, some students’ dropout because they are unsatisfied with their poor grades. Many people have such high expectations for themselves about their future and grades. Breaking those expectations puts a huge toll on one’s self esteem. Students with poor self esteem will start feeling horrible in their ability to succeed. Many begin to think that they will never improve in college, which leads to dropping out. Poor academic performance also makes school less enjoyable. This can majorly alter the way students view college. I have often noticed that I feel very poorly whenever I get a bad grade. It most definitely makes me feel unsatisfied with myself. I sometimes think that I will never make it threw college, until I reassure myself that things will get better with hard work and time. College is a very challenging part of life. Its very clear why some students drop out of school for academic …show more content…
College is a huge step in a young adult’s life. Some students simply cannot handle the freedom and independence of being in college. Instead of these students building a future for themselves, they are going down the wrong path. Many college students begin to drink and party way too much, which begins to affect academic success. Some of these students even begin to experiment with new drugs. These distractions force students to skip class, blow off studying, and miss assignments. Eventually causing students to drop out of college. Another huge distraction in college is social media. Some kids in high school may have had parents who set rules about being on social media for so long. In college, the freedom of using social media could get students in academic troubles. For me, social media doesn’t play a big role in affecting my academics anymore. I very seldom use social media accounts because I realized how big of a toll it was taking on my life. I realized my focus was solely on social media. My senior year in high school, I finally realized this is not how I want to live my life. Without social media, I now feel like I have such a greater outlook on life. Therefore, many college students endure big distractions which causes young adults to drop

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