Maintaining A Healthy Lifestyle Essay

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Maintaining a healthy lifestyle in college is one of the hardest parts of a freshman’s adjustment to their new lifestyle. College is usually the most exciting time of a person’s life, and along with new friends and a new home, comes an immense change of pace. A person typically moves away from home, and beings a new life, alone. This can become extremely stressful on the mind, and on the body. Balancing a healthy lifestyle is extremely important on the road to mental and physical health while in college. One of the biggest changes a person faces in college is the chance of schedule, and lack of time to sleep. Being in college, the student no longer has a parent at home reminding them to get a good night’s rest, because they have a huge exam the next day. Most importantly, nobody is at home to enforce a curfew, which enforces a healthy sleep schedule. Often, people don’t realize it, but sleep is one of the most important aspects of achieving a balanced healthy lifestyle. The human mind, along with the body both preform at their full potential when they are rested. According to a study done by The Huffington Post (Jacqueline Howard, The Huffington Post), students who have seven hours of sleep or more, score 10% higher on exams than students who are running off of 2-3 hours of sleep. However, for a typical college student, sleep becomes irrelevant. While I interviewed typical college students, they acted like sleep was not an option during the days leading up to an exam.…

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