Mainland Cheese : Product History Essay

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Product History:
Mainland is one of the most popular and awarded cheese brands in New Zealand, It has started in the year since 1955 carrying the legacy in producing taste and quality. The tradition and practices were handed down to the craftsmen’s from generations. The high quality cheese is made from the milk produced from New Zealand farms. It comes with different flavours. The standards and quality ere proven since ages and helped it to expand its footsteps from New Zealand to Australia, Asia and the pacific islands. Mainland cheese is a product of Fonterra a co-operatively owned indigenous New Zealand company. Fonterra produces 22billion litres of milk each year and Fonterra takes pride in generating 40% of New Zealand revenue.

It started as a family business in south of New Zealand which now owned by Fonterra. It has expanded its foot in Australia and Asia continent. Analysing deep into the market New Zealand is the main exporting country of the product globally. Its biggest market outside the New Zealand is Australia. It has its operations and business quarters in Australia. Asian market is one of the major market for mainland. It’s trying to expand its foot in Asian continent completely.

As the consumption of cheese is booming around the world supply to the needs is challenging and daunting task. Considering the fact of…

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