Main Themes In Chinese Cinderella By Adeline Yen Mah

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Register to read the introduction… That education is a vital aspect of our lives and if you do not receive and adequate education the professional world views you as a nothing, this is only one of the reasons as to why the accumulation of knowledge over the years can equip anybody for the vast world. In addition to this “Chinese Cinderella” illustrates to those of us who live in a sheltered and blanketed world to be grateful and to recognize that as people living in a first world country, we don’t have to struggle and fight everyday for the most fundamental and necessary of items. In today’s society those of us living in the subdued and shielded world of the middle to upper class have come to believe that the world owes us a great debut, that by virtue of being born into a first world society we are immediately owed a place in it. We have come to believe that working is not a necessary platform to elevate us to success but a chore one, which is tedious and boring. Over the years, many of us have lost the ethic to strive hard to achieve our potential, if there is one imperative lesson that “Chinese Cinderella” teaches is that never take your place in society for granted, as the world is a cruel and harsh place. If you do not receive an adequate education and are not prepared to operate within it you like many before you will be tossed and thrown aside. While “Chinese Cinderella” is a positive and optimistic story, it also attempts to caution and educate those of us who believe that the world caters for us on a

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