Main Problems Of Recruitment And External Recruitment Essay

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Main problems of recruitment
Reliance on external recruitment services There are some private companies sunning which provide the supply of employees to the companies desiring employees but the worst disadvantage of this kind of recruitment is that there large bit of reliance on these kinds of companies and there will not be any kind of raw talent coming through these external recruitment companies. This is one of the issues that the DT is facing and has to reduce this reliance on external recruitment agencies (ANON, n.d.).
Lack of strategic role in the recruitment process
As it is very clear from the above case study that the HRM is only playing a guidance role to the managers of DT, this is also causing not effective recruitment. So there has to be emphasis on the fact that the strategic role has to be played by the HRM so that hiring of talented people could be made possible (HARIHARAN, 2006).
Lack of proper job analysis
The case study does also show that the company also lacks the proper job analysis and this fact doesn’t let the company to have competitive advantage just like the fact that if the soil in which the seed is to be grown is not well prepared, the seed cannot nourish and flourish well (KLEIMAN, n.d.).
Lack of effective screening process
One of the other major problems that the company is facing is that the company doesn’t have effective screening process of job applicants and the adoption of effective screening process really plays a very important and…

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