Plot Summary Of The Play 'The American Clock' By Arthur Miller

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1. Title: American Clock
Author: Arthur Miller
First Performance: November 20th 1980
Period of play: 20th century

2. Awards won: N/A.

3. Main characters and their relationship
Lee Baum is the main character, he is the college age son of Moe and Rose Baum.
Moe Baum, father of Lee Baum, is a businessman who lost everything when the Stock Market crashed.
Rose Baum, mother of Moe Baum
Fanny Margolies, Rose’s sister
Sidney Margolis, Fanny’s son, Lee’s cousin
Lucille, Fanny’s daughter
Grandpa, Rose and Fanny’s father
Doris Gross, Sydney’s wife, daughter of Fanny’s landlady
Joe, Lee’s boyhood friend, who became a dentist and has a relationship with Isabel, a prostitute.
Henry Taylor, the farmer whose farm was auctioned by the bank and Judge because he could not pay his loan.
Arthur Robertson, a businessman who saw the crisis coming and sold his shares before the stock market crash. He has been through the boom and the crash of the economy, and his comments are full of wisdom. He helps to connect the different scenes together through his dialogues with Lee and other main characters.

4. Plot summary:
This is a play about the Americans in the 1930’s during the Great Depression. There are many characters in this play, almost fifty of them, who appear in and out of various scenes. Connecting between these scenes are songs and
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Good directing is required for good transition between each connecting scene. It is also important to use appropriate music and lighting smartly to move from one scene to another. Because some characters may not have a line, or just come on stage for a short time, for example the auction of the Taylor’s farm scene where many farmers appeared on stage, it may be practical to have some actors taking on more than one character at the different scene to better utilize the actors’

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