Main Characters In A Good Man Is Hard To Find

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“A Good Man is hard to get" is a novel that has a good construction in the context of the idea that the author wants to put across. Just like any other novel, there are many characters that have been used in this novel in order to help in the establishment of the plot and the presentation of the themes of the novel. I n this novel, the author has used various main characters such as the Misfit and his crew, the grandmother and her co family. However, there are also other minor characters whom the author used in order to help in the structuring of the pot. They have also been used with an aim to help the main characters to accomplish their role in the novel.

In order to playa their role perfectly; these characters have been constrained top express various character traits. Specifically for the Misfit, who is considered as the main character, he is a curious man. The misfit asks himself many questions about life that he does not seem to
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Some of the moist prolific techniques used are that one of irony. Mostly, an instance of irony is seen at the point where Misfit shoots dead the grandmother. After talking for a long time, Misfit shoots the grandmother immediately he tells she tells him that she is his mother. At this point, it is expected to turn out that at least he could have had mercy on her upon knowing that she is his mother, but contrary to the expectation, he shoots her dead. Foreshadowing has also been used by this author to develop his plot. His is seen at the beginning of the Novel when they are preparing to embark on the journey. They have a weird feeling that they may catch up with the popularly advertised Misfit on the way that comes to be true. There also various instance of humor in this novel. A perfect example is when the little boy tells the grandmother that he would punch Misfit out of the way if they encountered him (Capote,

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