Essay on Main Character From The Film Benny And Joon

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Main character from the film “Benny & Joon” directed by Jeremiah Clechkik displays numerous symptoms indicating a mental illness. The symptoms narrowed down to three main categories: schizophrenia, autism, obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). The acknowledgement of a specified disordered is not given during the film. Throughout the paper, referencing details from the film, characters will be analyzed concerning their mental illness.
Keywords: Benny and Joon, Mental Illness, Psychology 140
PYC 140 Term Paper:
Benny and Joon Reaction
Juniper “Joon” Pearl and Sam from the movie “Benny & Joon” directed by Jerimiah Chechik, are two eccentric characters each display signs of mental illness. Although the director did not clearly state which disorder each character, through careful examination of each one’s symptoms, possibly diagnosis could be made. In this paper, through careful examination, referencing details from the film “Benny & Joon” and symptoms, possible disorders will be classified concerning Joon.
Siblings Benjamin “Benny” and Juniper “Joon” Pearl both live together following the accidental death of their parents. Joon is mentally ill, leaving Benny to hire housekeepers to keep watch of Joon while she is away at work. One day, after work, Benny is greeted by a housekeeper fleeing his house in outrage. This is later acknowledged to be no surprise, as Joon has a record of scaring off housekeepers due to her…

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