Mailbox Planet Case Study Answers

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This case involves two unknown male Hispanic’s gaining enter into the MailBox Planet building located at 530 S. Lake Ave. Once inside the business, one of the suspects cut the lock that was on the inner gate (separates main office from mailbox area). The suspect entered the main office area and stole approximately 12-15 packages. The suspect left the scene, traveling in an unknown direction.

The incident occurred at 530 S. Lake Ave. (MailBox Planet). MailBox Planet is a privately owned Post Office and has a front door that faces west.


Unknown loss/victims at the time of this writing. Total Value: $Unknown


I gave Owner Allen Sarkissian my USB Drive with video surveillance of
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Suspect #1 was a male, Hispanic, wearing a grey hooded jacket, dark jeans, black shoes, black gloves, with a mustache, and carrying Coca-Cola cup. Suspect #1 entered the store, looked around, and approached the gate that separates the main office from the mailbox area. Suspect #1 grabbed the gate and attempted to open it. When he was unsuccessful he left the store. At approximately 0348 hours, suspect #2 manipulated the lock for the front door and entered the store. Suspect #2 was wearing a black bandana that covered his head and face, flannel long sleeve shirt, dark jeans, grey shoes, and black gloves in his back pocket. Once inside, suspect #2 put black gloves on both of hands and pulled out black bolt cutters. Suspect #2 used the bolt cutters to cut the lock that was on the gate. Suspect #2 forced open the gate and entered the main office area. Suspect #2 grabbed several packages, placed them inside of a plastic bag, and left the store at approximately 0351 hours. At approximately 0353 hours, suspect #2 returned to the store, entered the main office area, grabbed more packages, and left the store at approximately 0354 hours. I gave Sarkissian my USB drive and we copied the video surveillance onto it. Sarkissian had nothing further to

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