Definition Of Propaganda By Mahatma Ghandi

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Mahatma Ghandi

It all started in the train station of Durban when I was in my way to defend a case in Pretoria, I set a foot inside first class cabinet and the guards were watching me like if I was some a Demon entering to the gates of heaven. So I went to my seat ,and I started to read some of my notes I was having a pleasant moment but then something I will never imaging could happen, happened to me. A guard came to me and put his hand on my shoulder, and he ask me what are you doing here ? I told him that I was a passenger ,but he did not listen. He grabbed me ,and he told me “no you are not” , he took me outside and he proceed to beat me ,all this trouble occured
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Indians need someone that could be able to change their situation and make it better, I realize that could be me, so I took action immediately . The way I started my discrimination fight was by the creation of the Natal Indian Congress which to help organize the Indian community and unite it as one. When my activist movement started I opted for a passive form of protest which basically consisted of the use propaganda even the national Indian congress was propaganda to make the people of england know what was happening in Natal. With time I realized that my passive form of protest was useless so I decided to opt to a new form of protest called non-violence resistance which I called satarahaya. My political philosophy movement was characterized by the use of peaceful techniques like civil disobedience, non-cooperation, not paying fines, etc. The reason I decided to change form of protest I was using is because the British empire was watching passively what was happening in India with their arms crossed so a new method was needed to take this revolution forward. I lead a lot of important atarahaya movements in South Africa but I knew If I wanted to make a big impact I needed to go back to India. And that is what I did, In 1915 returned back to …show more content…
One of my main objective was indiscrimination,but it was not going to be possible to eradicate the one that exist toward indians if we do not eliminate the one that exist among our people. So I decide that a good way to start was to make people accept more the untouchables ,by allowing them join my cause and me also doing activities that only them were suppose to do, I was able to make Indian view them different in the good way and

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