Mahatma Gandhi Movie Analysis

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In 1983 Richard Attenborough made a movie based on the life of Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi also known as Mahatma Gandhi. This movie is a biography, drama, and historical. The movie starts off by showing the assassination of Gandhi, and then goes into flashback of his life in South Africa and India. The movie covers all importance events that were lead by Gandhi in South Africa and India. The makers put in $22 million worth of hard work to make this film possible. From the story to the actors and setting all took a lot of research, time and hard work. The film is made to look as real as possible. The film won over the hearts of many due to the actors, setting/props, and story.
Being an Indian, Gandhi played a big role in my ancestor’s lives.
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The first setting is of South Africa in 1893. The South African set was build to resemble real South Africa in 1893. A replica of Gandhi’s home in S. Africa was build, and the work place was recreated as well. The same was done for the second half of the film. They rebuilt a 1915 India. The villages, and cites replicated the real villages and cities of 1915 India. The entire cast dressed according to the role which they were playing. The British characters wore suites, and the Indian characters dressed according to their cast in society. When Gandhi lived in South Africa he dressed in a suite, but when he came back to India he changed his attire to traditional Indian clothing. The makers did not leave a single detail out. For example India has a lot of flies and mosquitoes, and they are shown in the film. These details play a big role in making the film as real as …show more content…
The lead role of Gandhi is played by Ben Kingsley, who is of English nationality. The idea of a British man playing the role of Gandhi caught the audience’s attention. When Ben got the role of Gandhi, he moved to India for 6 months make himself more familiar with the culture, and people. He also learned the body language of Gandhi. HE studies the way Gandhi spoke, walked, sat, stood, and much more. This was very important to master because when the film released there were still people alive that had seen Gandhi, and she should not be able to see the difference. The makeup artists also did a lot of work on Ben to make him look like Gandhi. They put thin cylinder shape piece of polystyrene behind Ben’s ears to make the ears stick out more. Another piece of rubber went inside the bottom lip to make that look fuller as well. Ben’s costume changed according to the setting in the film. In the beginning of the film Ben’s costume is a British suite with ties and polished shoes. When Gandhi came to India he decided to wear traditional Indian clothing. In the film Ben’s costume changed in to Indian clothing when the setting changed to India. Keeping these little details in the film helped the audiences connect to the character of Gandhi and not just Ben

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