Essay on Mahatma Gandhi : A Civil Rights Activist

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Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi:
Riceville High School
John Miller

Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi
Gandhi was a civil rights activist in the country of India that was controlled by Great Britain prior to World War II. If not for Gandhi, India may have not gained their independence from Great Britain. India was not the country it is today. The city was just awful, everybody was going hungry, people were being enslaved for no reason, but Gandhi cured that. Gandhi didn’t attack the enemy, he took an approach that was unlike no other. He was very subtle, calm, and he knew what to do to get the best result. These qualities sometimes worked, but sometimes they resulted in some conflicts where people of India died. Great Britain, at the time, was a ruthless country that wouldn’t take second place because they controlled many countries. India is widely known for being controlled by them because India is such a big country, but nobody said anything about it, but nothing happened until Gandhi attempted to make something happen. India is a quite vast country today that is known for being a superpower in Asia, but just think what it would be without Gandhi? That’s what I am going to prove, why India couldn’t be here today without Gandhi doing what he did. Gandhi, in my belief, is not recognized for doing what he rightfully did for this country. I mean many people know his name, and know about what he looked like and all that, but do they know the details of what he did?…

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