Magnum Ice Cream Competitive Analysis

Competition analysis
Who are the direct competitors for your particular product? How do they compare price wise? Competitors Global 2015 sales • Magnum 2.540$ billion
• Haagen dazs 2.086 billion
• Cornetto 1.595$ Billion
• Ben and jerrys 1,232$ BILLION
• Breyers 960$ MM
• Carte dor 827$ MM
• Dreyers edys 773$ MM
• Blue bunny
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This is different with other brand in Indonesia which have range in Rp 2.000 - Rp 6.000 in each product. With the price that being used and fixed by Magnum Ice Cream, it creates and emerge consumer perception that Magnum has a special taste different than others, and it has high quality of product. When we see the commercial break, we also could see that it has a good filling in each variant of the ice cream. The long-popular Magnum ice cream has undergone a metamorphosis to become an entire range of flavors from the original plain vanilla and chocolate treat-on-a-stick. Now consumers can also choose ‘gourmet’ flavors like vanilla bean or chocolate dipped in thick Belgian chocolate. We also can see it from that packaging of Magnum that quite good and looks elegant, and also brown color of the packaging that known as an elegant color.
How is the product promoted? uniqueness In uniqueness, it means that Magnum has their own way to consume the product. It also can apply from the word "pleasure seekers". Here, Magnum Ice Cream give the experience to each consumer who cumsume ice cream in different hectic condition of each person.
To create
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Come up with unique flavors:
• It’s important to have the staple ice cream flavors, but those may not be the ones that keep people coming back. Susan Soorenko, owner of Moorenko’s Ice Cream in Silver Spring, MD says that custom, unique flavors are one of the keys to her success.
• “One of our constant favorites is honey lavender, which is honey ice cream made with fresh French lavender. Then the cotton candy with gummy bears, which is the kids favorite,” store manager John Landis told CNN Money.
• In Puerto Rico, there’s an ice cream shop called Heladeria Lares that specializes in unique and exotic ice cream flavors. Purple potato (featured above), spaghetti & cheese, cod fish and garlic-flavored ice cream are all on the menu. As you can probably imagine, Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern has been in to visit.
3. Deliver a gimmick:
• Every successful business has one, and they work fairly well. Mora Iced Creamery doesn’t show ice cream at all in their store. Each flavor of ice cream is stored individually in their own stainless steel containers so that the flavors don’t mix and the temperatures are perfect for each individual

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