Magnetic Propulsion Essay

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Magnetic propulsion Magnetic propulsion refers the use magnetic energy to move objects from one point to another. Due to increased demand for clean energy, the use of electromagnetic propulsion will also be a new way of powering the future vehicles. This method employs the use of electrical current to create an opposing magnetic field that results in repulsion. The electromagnetic propulsion has been in use in motors to create a rotational force which drives the vehicles wheel forward. However, in this case, the repulsion force generated is used to move the car forward. Magnetic propulsion is applied to all vehicles that use electrical power to move forward (Lee et at al,1927).
It has been noticed electric current is mainly used to establish a contradicting magnetic field that can opposed in magnetic propulsion. It has been noted that magnetic propulsion uses the idea of electromagnetic to allow current flow through a conductor in a magnetic field. In this case, a Lorentz force pushes the conductor in a direction, which is perpendicular to the conductor as well as the magnetic field. It is undisputed that this repulsing force is what contributes to propulsion in a system contrived to take advantage
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It is noted the amount of energy consumed by this form of transportation is more than the normal household can use. Therefore this requires that the existing power grid is needed to upgrade most of the facilities in the in the grid. This includes the generation, the transmission network, and the distribution systems. This, therefore, requires that massive investment be put in place to provide the required amount of power to the transportation system. Nevertheless, the power grid system may achieve a relief if the transport system is installed by renewable energy including wind and solar. This is because they will be powering the vehicles and other

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