Magna Carta's Feudal System

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The Magna Carta was a very important document regarding the promises between the king and his subjects. As time progressed through the Middle Ages, the feudal kings became more and more like tyrants. The nobles, who forced King John at knifepoint to sign the document at Runnymeade on June 15, 1215, were able to create an effective way in which to limit the power of the king. At the time, England’s feudal system was being overruled by King John. The Magna Carta guaranteed citizens certain rights and fortunately, weakened the absolute power of the king. The nobles were enraged that King John lost control over French territories. Furthermore, the people of England were unhappy with the king since Pope Innocent III placed the interdict, excommunication of an area of land, on all of England. The first point of the Magna Carta basically stated that everyone shall possess equal rights. The monarch was subject to the due process of law in which the king has to follow certain rules and cannot arrest people without reason and without a fair trial and jury. The monarchs in feudal England believed that they were above the law. Thanks to the Magna Carta, even supreme monarchs were forced to obey the laws of the land. Also, no tax should be imposed on the people without a general consent. …show more content…
These lines put an end to the king’s abuses and made the feudal system more fair and equal among all people. This clause allows people to be tried by a jury and to have both commoners and nobles observe and judge the

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