Magistrate Court On The Court Essay

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Magistrate courts are lower courts in the hierarchy of courts in England and Wales where all criminal proceedings starts. Some civil matters such as family proceedings are also dealt with by the Magistrates court. While the Magistrate court has limited sentencing powers, more serious crimes such as rape and murder cases are passed on to the Crown court which has more sentencing powers and wide range of punishments. Appeals on cases decided by the crown courts usually go to a high court, court of appeal or the Supreme Court. Cases in the magistrate courts are usually heard by a district Judge or by a bench of magistrates known has lay judges. No jury is present at a magistrate court.
This essay focuses on a subjective court observation that took place at Stratford Magistrate court on the 17th of December 2014. I arrived at Stratford Magistrate court around 1:30 pm – introduced myself to the security and informed him of my objective to observe a hearing for my assessment. He was very helpful as I checked in through the metal detector and he informed me that the court was on break and the proceedings will resume at 2pm; I was also informed that only the court rooms on the ground floor were open and accessible to the public – so I headed straight ahead on the ground floor corridor towards the court rooms right from the main entrance of the court where the metal detector had been placed.
While awaiting the resumption of the proceeding I saw several police officers, court ushers…

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