Magical Realism In Salman Rushdie By Sallman Rushdie

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The term Magic Realism was originated by Franz Roh, a painter and an art critic in Germany during1920s. Later the term was used by Central American writers such as Alejo Carpentier in their works during 1940s and after that in 1955 the term was employed by Latin American writersAngel Flores and Gabriel Garcia Marquez and gradually it drew worldwide attention. Although the term took its root in Europe later it revolutionized Latin America. Therefore all the periods are inter-linked with the mode of literary art.

Magical Realism: The term defined
The gradual growth of Magical Realism turned it as multi-featured term. It is treated differently in many fields of art. It appeared as a pictoral form and is now widely used as a literary
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The dominance of English language in Indian writing is but an obvious result of British presence in India. The hegemonic governance of British company over India for almost two-hundred years brought English language as most dominating language amongst all the vernacular languages. The 1980s period is recounted as the period of renaissance in Indian writing in English. The recent past years had brought recognition to India and Indian Novelists at the global ground. Salman Rushdie is a pioneer in resetting the domain of themes, techniques and trends of Indian writing in English. Rushdie’s Midnight’s Children(1981) has become an epitome for the successor writers. The oldest art of story-telling was interestingly carried as best narrative tool in the novel. This novel had various themes imbibed in it such as – religion, myth, political issue and most specifically magical realism (allegorical, symbolic and ironic as well); combination of perfect language that is vivid and alive and the text is treated as classical text (in its adequacy, strength). It holds the level of seriousness that may compel the attention of intellectuals and also sustain the interest. This novel sets an example as a combo of entertainment, carrying all the …show more content…
Hindu gods – Yama, Ganesha and Hanumana and a white faced monkey who was a Brahmin in his previous life are those characters who represent the blurred line drawn between magical and realism. There are certain incidents in the novel which take readers to an adventurous journey and the story meanders between India and USA. On the other side characters like Ashok, Mrinalini, Abhay and Saira belong to the real world – the world of mortals. The encounter of these two categories of different worlds essentially increases interest among readers and draws the novel into literary perception. The beginning of the first few pages reveals the feature of the term magical realism. The white-faced monkey who is the soul of Sanjay Parasher introduces himself to the family in a very mysterious

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