Essay on Magical Realism, By Carlos Fuentes

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Delve into a miraculous and profoundly dreamlike world. A world and lifestyle where the basic fundamentals of life are intertwined with unquestionable magical occurrences. Envision a human being with great virtue spontaneously floating and reflecting in the vibrant light of the sun. Imagine an elderly man naturally tossing a peso into the air and piercing it with a Colt .44 single action revolver. These are prime examples of the unquestionable magic that defines the literary movement of magical realism. Magical realism is also comprised of ancient myths, symbols regarding nature, religious allusions, and an emphasis on the beauties of life. Magical realism is predominantly a Latin American method of narration. The cultural influences of magical realism are stated to have been derived from the societal issues and environmental situations that occur within the nations of Latin American.
With this in mind, Carlos Fuentes incorporates various aspects of magical realism within the novel, The Old Gringo. Carlos Fuentes, a Mexican novelist, has earned worldwide recognition for his influential works that pertain to magical realism. He is particularly held in high esteem in Latin American nations for his literary accomplishments that were attained through his novels of Terra Nostra, The Death of Artemio Cruz, and The Old Gringo. Carlos Fuentes’ novel, The Old Gringo, was the first novel written by an author of Mexican descent to emerge on the New York Times Bestseller List. The…

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