Essay Magic School Bus Critique

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Peter Dang

TV Critique- The Magic School Bus
The general population sometimes sees children television programs as low budget or cheesy productions. Compared to other programs on TV such as Lost, 24, Friends, or American Idol, children television shows cost only a fraction to produce. However, these programs prove to be the most influential TV content towards their targeted audience. Children’s programs can be both beneficial and detrimental depending on the content of the programs. In a study by B.J. Wilson and colleagues, it was found that most TV programs targeted towards children have acts of aggression that would later impact the child. Their study showed that “children exposed to much media violence often grow up to be
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At each organ, the show goes to an aside where one of the students describes the mechanism of the organ. The episode ends with the school bus making its way back upwards and exits the mouth in order to avoid being expelled into the toilet.
The show is clearly an educational show as it takes time to explain scientific concepts and functions. As previously stated, the show was made for school-age children. However, with the level of science involved, the show was specifically targeting schoolchildren with some science classes. Also, the show does a good job in targeting every single group of kids. They did this by including a mixture of gender and races for the students.
The show proved to be beneficial to children in a number of ways. First, the inclusion of educational topic helps the development of children. In various studies it was seen that children who watch educational shows could benefit in their academic and cognitive skills in high school (Anderson et al., 2001). Shows such as The Magic School Bus and Sesame Street are good exposure for preschool kids to reading, writing, history, math, and science (Textbook pg.485). Another beneficial aspect to this show is that it does not promote violence as in many "action" cartoons (Textbook pg.398). The show’s theme of overcoming obstacles without violence is a good way to avoid more exposure to aggression than already is on TV. The Magic School Bus is a very good educational program. Even though it is

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