Magic Realism in Haroun and the Sea of Stories Essay

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[pic] What is Magic Realism? The definition for magic realism can be explained as fantasy combined with realism: a style of art or literature that depicts fantastic or mythological subjects in a realistic manner. “Magic realism--the capacity to enrich our idea of what is 'real' by incorporating all dimensions of the imagination, particularly as expressed in magic, myth and religion.” (Benet's Reader's Encyclopedia) Examples of Magic Realism Invisible Tap Rashid tells Haroun where he

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This is a good example of magic realism. The Ocean itself is a real thing, and actually exists, but instead of regular water you would find in an ocean, there are thousands of multi-coloured currents. Not only are the colourful currents of the Streams of Story dazzling to the eye, but they serve another purpose —each coloured strand represented and contained a single story.

Moody Lake
Within the story, the dull Lake wasn’t as dull as it sounded. The people are around or on the lake at the time; their emotions would have affect on what the weather conditions would be. Haroun makes a remark on realizing it was very close to a story that his father, Rashid Khalifa would tell on his voyages. The Moody Lake. “It’s not in the least Dull, this lake, exclaimed Haroun. ‘ In fact, it’s positively temperamental!” (Haroun, 47) Haroun immediately realizes this theory every time Mr.Buttoo on the Arabian Nights Plus One was to go in outrage the weather would change.

A strong aspect in the story that showed Magic Realism was the shadows. During the capture of Mudra, Mudra explains that Khattum-Shud, ruler of the Chupwalas can be in two places at once. Haroun and his gang lean that the shadow can be detached from a person allowing the shadow to have a mind of his own and freely do what it wants. “He goes about in the darkness, entirely shadowless, and his shadow goes wherever it wishes”. (Haroun, 133) This gave a strong shock on knowing this because
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