Magic Has Made A Profound Impact On All Of Our Lives Essay

2343 Words May 3rd, 2016 10 Pages
For thousands of years, people have had a fascination with the art of magic. What was once considered as a counterculture of witches and other deviants, magic has evolved into a unique performing art that not only has the ability to give people a sense of childlike wonder, but also connect with people in a much deeper way than any other form of entertainment (Jandt, 18). It has the power to make people believe in the impossible and inspires people to follow their dreams. Recently, a new bill has been introduced to Congress to “establish magic as a rare and valuable art form and national treasure” (Magic is Art). This bill would allow the art of magic to be preserved and protected for generations to come. With a world captivated by magic, in television shows, movies and live theater, the art has made a profound impact on all of our lives. The feeling of amazement and wonder we experience when seeing magic performed is why the art is universally understood, accepted and admired. We must work towards protecting the art of magic so that the feelings of wonder, mystery and joy that magic brings us continue to live on, inspiring children and adults alike for generations to come. Magic is one of the oldest forms of entertainment (Macknik, et al.). The earliest known mention of magic as a performing art was in the ancient Egyptian text The Westcar Papyrus, dating all the way to 2700 B.C. For a long time, displays of magic were thought of as witchcraft. The practice of witchcraft…

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