Personal Narrative: My Experience At Newbeauty Magazine

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Over the summer, I interned in New York City for NewBeauty magazine, specifically its online version, which is published by SANDOW. I worked eight-hour days, four days a week, for eight weeks, and was provided with many real-world experiences that helped broaden my understanding of magazine journalism—a subject I am very passionate about. Although my internship was focused on editorial matters, I had the opportunity to work in an array of areas, providing me with a truly well-rounded experience that will not only help me during my time at Boston University, but in the professional world post-college, as well. On my first day of work, my boss set me up with the company’s Content Management System, which became a major component in my work at NewBeauty. I began using the CMS to produce articles and slideshows, which involved imputing a piece written by a …show more content…
First thing every morning, I researched news to find the latest beauty, health, cosmetic and fitness stories, which I would then send to my boss. This daily task introduced me to websites of the beauty industry, teaching me that there are truly specific sources of information per industry (not simply for journalism). What I found most interesting about this responsibility, however, was the fact that I could see how magazines feed off one another. I came to understand the circulatory nature of journalism, which I knew existed in news reporting, but it did not occur to me that all journalism is really the same. Magazines, like other journalism publications, can start with one same story, and then each one takes it in its own direction with its own sources and bits of information. This idea of feeding off one another creates a channel for inspiration and information, all while supplying a multitude of perspectives to readers, which I found

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