Maga Mega Case Study

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Effects of Mega Metro Project on Rawalpindi’s Socio-Economic and Cultural Life
Mega Projects are large scale investment projects which are publicized to seek the attention of the public. Mega projects have their own advantages and disadvantages as well. Talking about disadvantages, there are several negative effects of mega project on construction scale. One of them is traffic jams which causes inconvenience to the citizens and drivers and force them to take alternative paths to their destination and as a result more time is consumed in their travelling. It also affects the business community due to lack of parking lots, blockage of roads and several traffic jams. One of the bad result of the mega projects is affecting
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While asking the residents about the need of this project, half of them agreed and half of strength disagreed because of several issues they faced.
This mega project also created environmental problems in Rawalpindi. Too much dust due to constructional work created issues for the travelers and the residents around the working area of the project. As a result, this project also acted negatively with respect to environment of Rawalpindi.
Research says that 80% use public transport, they face traffic issues daily. While on the other hand 20% of the respondents had their own facilities. The percentage of this results of the statement that routes have changed, 92% agreed while just 8% disagreed with this statement. Change in transport routs affected the community of the local because of the increased commuting time and transportation
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People faced serious issues due to this mega project. On the other hand, this project has its advantages as well i.e. most of the people take advantage of the transport facility as it is needed for them but for solving this transport issue mega project was not the best option as it effected negatively on residents. There must be some convenient and cheaper option instead of mega projects. The options that should not effect on economy and personal life of peoples. Instead of mega projects, there must be projects that works on small scale and do not affect the routine, time and daily activities of the

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