Essay On Road Madness

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Madness Behind the Wheel While driving on the interstate, two women exchange foul words to each other after one of them abruptly cut the other off to avoid other slow drivers. This is just one instant out of many that display road rage. How many times have you lost your temper behind the wheel? What about rude gestures to the car behind you? Within the last three decades, road rage has become “the” term for aggressive driving within various areas including: the media, policy making, and the world of science. The primary means of transportation in the United States is by vehicle. Whether it is a taxi, megabus, or personal vehicle, driving is the most popular way to go from home to work, visiting relatives, or go out on a Saturday night. Therefore, because of the congestion on roads and freeways, people are bound to …show more content…
Standing (2007) states intermittent explosive disorder is closely related to road rage. Furthermore, the causes of IED are formally unknown, but one’s environment and biological make up can contribute to this disorder. Intermittent explosive disorder is interesting because the disorder is non-existent during childhood, signs only need to be prevalent for three months in order to be diagnosed, and outbursts typically last for about thirty minutes at a time, which is a short period for an outburst for a mood disorder (DSM 5). The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders provides information on essentially any psychological disorder. Intermittent Explosive Disorder is often correlated with road rage. One who may have road rage could diagnosed with I.E.D. According to the DSM, majority of people with IED is related with ADHD and other co-occurring disorders. I.E.D also falls under the category of impulse control disorders. Most people with I.E.D have more than one mental disorder. It is believed younger men with a history of traffic accidents are likely to have

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