Madison : A Very Strange Background Essay

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Madison has a very strange background; He came from a very wealthy family whom of which owned plantations. Although he was well of, he had very poor health and would become ill very easily. James Madison excelled in school and seemed to have a brain that was way beyond his peers. Not only did he study at multiple schools but he had personal teachers at home, so it was no wonder that he was at the top of all of his academics. He eventually attended a college, Princeton, in New Jersey. He had no trouble with academics, but Madison took a particular interest in politics. This happened to be around the same time that the colonies were rebelling again Britain. He was not ready to join physically but later on down the line he contributed significant ideas and other contributions. In a way, Madison 's background and educations prepared him for public life because it allowed him to be more aware of his surroundings then other people were. Not all people were awarded the luxury of attending a school much less a college.
Madison believed that the biography of a public man should consist of the record of what he had done. Discuss three major accomplishments which help form Madison 's biography.
One of the first major accomplishments which helped form Madison 's biography were that he was one of the key voices in creating the start of government in America. James Madison did not want the government to turn into something that he did not like, so he took matters into his own hands by…

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